In 2013, ACDC introduced the Business Improvement Grant (now referred to as Basic), designed to encourage growth and development of Atchison County businesses.  In its first three years the grant utilized $85,000 of ACDC dollars to reimburse up to $1,000 of 95 projects that improved business aesthetics, safety or function. Through these projects, AT LEAST $175,000 was spent locally.


This year, Business Improvement Grant Basic was structured differently, and an additional option called Business Improvement Grant 2.0 was created.  Basic continues to be a 50/50 matching grant up to $1,000, while 2.0 is a one-thirds/two-thirds match with a maximum of $2,500.  Applications for this grant program were accepted during the month of April, and this year’s review committee, comprised of ACDC Board members Craig Corken and Lori Seymour and community representative Melissa Gilpin, met in May.  The committee reviewed all applications and ultimately awarded 12 projects.


Projects funded cover the gamut of business improvement needs.  This year’s grant will help fund exterior improvements, interior upgrades and industry-specific equipment.  In total, the businesses will be investing $117,813.32 in these projects and ACDC grant funds will total $18,637.21


These business improvements can start anytime and must finish prior to October 31.  Watch for more news on projects completed by the following businesses!  Basic grant recipients are Alma’s Herbs, Cindy Thomas, LMT, El-Ray Apartments, K-9 Inn, LLC, Little Red’s Keeper of the Bees, and Shelter Insurance. 2.0 awardees are Flower Mill, Martin S Smith Trucking, LLC, Rock Port RiversEdge Campground, Ronnie Martin Trucking, Stolt’s Fitness, and Sybert’s Body Shop.

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