ACDC’s annual scholarship program was created to help outstanding Atchison County high school graduates fund post-secondary education and training programs, particularly when that education will help enable students to live, work and create a life in Atchison County.

ACDC recognizes the importance of not only traditional undergraduate education, but also career and technical training. To that end, ACDC’s scholarship program offers a $1,000 award in each of the following categories, for a total of two scholarships per school:

  • 2-year community college or tech school program
  • 4-year undergraduate degree

This year’s scholarship recipients for career and technical training were:

  • Mason Straub, Fairfax
  • Noah Makings, Rock Port
  • Kristopher Riley, Tarkio

Recipients for 4-year undergraduate scholarships were:

  • Brody Cooper, Fairfax
  • Jacqueline Brady, Rock Port
  • Breanne Barnett, Tarkio

ACDC is proud to honor this year’s scholarship recipients, and we congratulate all our applicants on their hard work and achievements during their education in Atchison County.

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