Looking for a house or apartment to rent? We have the list!

Rock Port

C&B Rentals, various rental properties, Rock Port, MO 64482; 816-261-9307

Fair Oaks Apartments, 500 S. Country Club Dr., Rock Port, MO 64482; 660-744-2725

Mill Street Apartments, 106 East Mill St, Rock Port, MO;  816-985-1716

Stadium View Apartments, 109 S. Country Club Dr., Rock Port, MO 64482; 816-985-1716

Roger Parshall, various houses for rent, Rock Port and Tarkio, MO;  816-985-1716

Tierra Stoner, various rentals in Rock Port, MO; 712-310-7272


Tarkio Family Apartments, 700 Birch Circle, Tarkio, MO 64491; 660-736-5566

Tarkio Village Apartments, 700 S. 7th, Tarkio, MO 64491; 660-672-4162

Tarkio Housing Authority, 218 S. Maple, Tarkio, MO 64491; 660-736-4212


Fair Haven, 611 Pine Street, Fairfax, MO 64446; 660-686-3577

Justin Straub, various single-family properties, Fairfax, MO 64446; 660-744-3606 OR 660-253-0363

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